Timbers – Frequently Asked Questions

How many lift tickets are included? Are the lift tickets for the week?

The two bedrooms come with up to 6 and the three bedrooms come with up to 8 lift tickets for the number of nights that you are staying at the Timbers. They are only for guests staying at the Timbers. Lift tickets are only provided during the ski season only. The lift tickets are only good for Vail and Beaver Creek resorts. They are not transferable.

What if I do not need all the lift tickets? can I get money back?

The lift tickets are an added value of staying at the Timbers. There is no monetary value, therefore you cannot get money for unused tickets.

Why do the weeks only run Saturday to Saturday?

The Timbers Residences are a fractionally owned property. Owners own three weeks a year and the ownership transfers on Saturdays. 

Do I get housekeeping at the Timbers?

Yes, there is twice daily housekeeping services.

Can I get room service from the hotel restaurants?

There is no room service provided from the Ritz hotel restaurants. However, there are food delivery services available in the area.

Is parking included? 

Parking is included for one car. Each additional car is $25. 

Are there any other fees when I arrive at the Timbers?

Yes, the Timbers has a $60 per night resort fee per residence.