Jul 15 22

Experience the Thrill of Vail Mountain Biking

Photo of bikers backs enjoying Vail mountain biking

Photo of bikers backs enjoying Vail mountain bikingYou may think the best time to visit Vail is during the winter, but summertime in Vail offers just as much exhilarating fun. During summer, the ski trails on Vail Mountain transform into an impressive network of biking trails. So, whether you are a seasoned mountain biker or are trying the sport for the first time, there are plenty of trails that cater to every age and ability. Choose Berkshire Hataway HomeServices to host your Vail vacation and unwind in one of our spacious rentals after a day of adventures. Read on to learn more about our favorite Vail mountain biking trails!

Mountain Bike Rentals in Vail, CO

To avoid the hassle of transporting your bikes during vacation, we recommend renting a mountain bike in Vail. Venture Sports offers a complete collection of mountain bike rentals in Avon and Vail Village. They also offer guided bike rides with local experts if you are not comfortable hitting the trails on your own.

Vail Ski Resort Biking Trails

The most extensive collection of mountain biking trails is accessible from Vail Mountain. Many bikers take the Gondola One or Eagle’s Nest Gondolas to access the trails without biking up the mountain. You can also rent a bike at the ski resort to conveniently access the trails. Here are a few of the top tracks you can access from the gondolas:

  • Grand Traverse: This five-mile moderate Vail bike trail offers one of the most popular rides on the mountain. After departing from the Eagle Bahn Gondola, you will ride through the Game Creek bowl, past pine forests, mountain views, and flower meadows.
  • Golden Gate Trail: If you are searching for an easy and fun trail on the mountain, then take Gondola One to access Golden Gate. This two-mile trail offers a 1,000-foot descent with fast straightaways and fun twisty sections. 
  • Radio-Flyer: One of the most popular and exhilarating trails in Vail is Radio-Flyer. You will descend for over two miles on rollers and endless whoop-dee-doos. 

More Vail Mountain Biking Trails

If you are looking for longer rides away from the crowds of Vail mountain, there are several options for you! Bike over twelve miles of paths on the North Trail section and enjoy switchbacks, aspens, and wildflowers. The Meadow Mountain Loop offers similar views on a ten-mile trail with a more challenging climb. Speaking of challenges, if you are up for the ultimate challenge, then Son of a Buffeher is for you! This twenty-mile trail includes 3,000 feet of elevation gain and is not for the faint of heart!

Vail Village Summer Vacation Rentals

Photo of pool outside Beaver Creek Rentals with BerkshireGather your family and friends and get ready to embark on the scenic Vail mountain biking trails this summer. And choose Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices to host your summer vacation in Vail. Stay close to the action in Vail Village in one of our spacious Colorado condo rentals. Discover our complete list of properties here and find the perfect place to call home during your Vail vacation.

Jun 10 22

Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Vail, CO

Photo of a family biking enjoying summer summer activities in Vail

Photo of a family biking enjoying summer summer activities in VailIf you have a family of adventurers and are searching for the perfect summer destination, look no further than Vail, Colorado! Summertime in Vail is spectacular, with the warm sunshine, clear skies, and plenty of family-oriented fun. Whether you want to ride down exhilarating mountain coasters or bike mountain trails, there are summer activities in Vail for every family member! And Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers a wide range of family-friendly vacation rentals throughout Vail Valley, so you will have plenty of space to unwind after exploring beautiful Vail. 

Have Fun on Vail Mountain

After the ski season, Vail Mountain transforms into a mecca of summer fun. If you are looking for thrilling adventures, bring your family to Epic Discovery. Take a scenic gondola ride, bounce on the bungee trampoline, fly down the mountain coaster, and soar on the zipline. You can also find the Nature Discovery Center here, where you can learn about natural history and local wildlife. You can join a naturalist for a free nature tour suitable for all ages!

Discover Family Activities at the Alpine Gardens

The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens are the highest alpine gardens in the country and a must-visit in Vail! The area comprises 19 gardens featuring high elevation plants from around the world. There are also great activities the whole family will love, including a children’s garden and daily scavenger hunts.

Explore the Great Outdoors

There are endless ways to get outside and explore the great outdoors with your family in Vail. If you want to embark on a family bike ride, we recommend Gore Creek Trail for a flat and easy ride. If your kids are animal lovers, Vail has several experiences for them. Go horseback riding in the mountains with Vail Stables or take a llama to lunch with Paragon Guides. And for those families that love the water, whitewater rafting with Sage Outdoors offers adrenaline-pumping fun for everyone!

Plan Your Vacation Around the Vail Family Fun Fest

The Vail Family Fun Fest is an annual event that takes place every Saturday in July at Lionshead Village. This free event offers fun for kids of all ages with several contests and group games. This festival is also an excellent way for the kids to learn something new at the Science Tent from local nature educators.

Family Vacation Rentals in Vail, ColoradoPhoto of Berkshire Hathaway living room vail vacation rental

There are endless summer activities in Vail for families seeking adventure in the mountains. After a day of exploration, return to your Vail vacation rental with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Our spacious properties offer plenty of room for your family to spread out whether you are vacationing with five people or twenty. From cooling down in your private pool to cooking meals in the kitchen together, we have the perfect property for your family at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

May 9 22

Explore the Great Outdoors with Vail Horseback Riding

Photo of a person on a horse on a mountain trail: Vail horseback riding

Photo of a person on a horse on a mountain trail: Vail horseback ridingVail is one of the most beautiful places in the country, offering different types of mountain adventures throughout the seasons. And with the promise of warmer days on the horizon, now is an excellent time to explore the great outdoors. One of the best ways to see the mountains, valley, lakes, and wildlife is to join a Vail horseback riding tour. Horseback riding allows you to get off the beaten path and experience the true wild beauty of the Rockies. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers Vail vacation rentals that are the ideal place to unwind after a long day on the trails. It’s time to saddle up and explore the backcountry in Colorado this summer!

Vail Stables

Vail Stables is the only horseback riding service actually within Vail. Your backcountry ride will include views of the mountains, dense aspen forests, wildflowers, and local wildlife. They offer three different options for your ride, depending on how long you want to be on the trails. The one-hour Rocky Point Trail offers a fantastic introduction to horseback riding, where you will ride 600 feet in elevation to some of the best views of Vail Valley, Gore Range, and Beaver Creek.

If you have kids under five, you can sign up for a pony time where the kids can ride, feed, and pet the ponies.

Beaver Creek Stables

There is a horseback ride for everyone at Beaver Creek Stables. The Beaver Lake Ride is the most popular option to take you to the White River National Forest Wilderness area as you follow along Beaver Creek. This ride is a limited experience that only allows a certain amount of riders each season. If you are interested in a unique horseback riding experience, sign up for the two-hour picnic ride or the dinner and trail ride. The latter option will take you to Beano’s Cabin for an excellent dinner at the end of your ride.

Sage Outdoor Adventures

Sage Outdoor Adventures offers Vail horseback riding unlike anywhere else. They operate on a private 6,000-acre mountain that provides a quieter and more customizable experience. The property includes views of Castle Peak Mountain, Vail Valley, mountain lakes, and aspen and pine groves. Sign up for the two-hour tour, and your guide will tell you about the natural area as you take in the views and look for wildlife. 

Photo of fire pit and outdoor area in a Vail vacation rentalExperience Nature with Vail Horseback Riding

Spend your summer exploring the great outdoors in Vail Valley this summer. Vail horseback riding is only the beginning of outdoor adventures; there are endless ways to experience the beauty of our mountains. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, we have properties throughout Vail Valley from Beaver Creek to Lionshead. Discover your home away from home with our luxury Vail vacation rentals

Apr 15 22

An Introduction to Scenic Hiking Trails in Vail

Photo of meadow and mountain views on the hiking trails in Vail

Photo of meadow and mountain views on the hiking trails in VailVail is known for its winter recreation, but our mountain town is a fantastic place for year-round adventures. When the weather warms up, nature comes alive with blooming wildflowers in the valley, rushing rapids, and wildlife. You can experience all of nature’s splendor on the hiking trails in Vail. Whether you are interested in challenging mountain hikes or a leisurely walk with the family, there is a trail for everyone in Vail. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices offers a wide range of properties throughout Vail Valley. Lace up your hiking boots; it’s time to hit the trails in Colorado!

Meadows Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Meadows Loop offers a family-friendly hiking spot in Vail. There is minimal elevation gain as you walk through shaded forests and open meadows. This trail is an excellent place to look for local wildlife as you take in picturesque views of the Gore Range vistas.

Booth Creek Falls

Difficulty: Moderate

The Booth Creek Falls trail is a fantastic introduction to the natural wonders of Vail. The path is a two-mile hike that ends in a gorgeous 60-foot waterfall. But, the route is scenic from start to finish, with scenic Aspen groves, sandstone rock formations, meadows, and mountain views. 

Upper Piney River Waterfall

Difficulty: Moderate

Upper Piney is one of the most scenic hiking trails in Vail and a popular route for Colorado travelers. The path follows the river as you walk through meadows, evergreen forests, and the Gore Range until you reach the cascading falls. 

Shrine Ridge Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Shrine Ridge Trail is a four-mile route in the White River National Forest. The beautiful trail starts through tranquil meadows with wildflowers and winds past two small creeks. You will then begin your descent up Shrine Ridge, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Mt. of the Holy Cross and the surrounding ranges.

Gore Lake Trail

Difficulty: Hard

The Gore Lake Trail offers a challenging hiking trail in Vail for adventurers. The route is 13 miles with over 3,000 feet of elevation gain in Eagle Nest Wilderness. You can see the best of Vail on this hike, such as forests, meadows, an alpine lake, rocky cliffs, and views of the Gore Range.

Discover Hiking Trails in Vail this SummerVail Colorado lodging with Berkshire Hathaway

There are endless hiking trails in Vail that range from family-friendly routes to strenuous day trips. Read Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices hiking & walking page for more information on local hiking spots. Discover our Vail vacation rentals and find the ideal lodging for your hiking vacation. We invite you to experience everything Vail has to offer this summer!

Mar 15 22

Say “I Do” in the Mountains: Vail Colorado Wedding

Photo of people getting married at a Vail Colorado wedding venue

Photo of people getting married at a Vail Colorado wedding venueHave you ever dreamt of a wedding surrounded by idyllic mountain scenery? If you answered yes to this question, you’ve come to the right place! Vail Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country and offers a picturesque setting to tie the knot. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices provides some of the finest luxury properties to host your wedding party and guests in Vail. But, before you decide where to stay, you will need to find the perfect Vail Colorado wedding venue for you. Let us help get the process started!

Vail Colorado Wedding Venues

Vail is known for its luxury and incredible mountain scenery, so it only makes sense that local wedding venues offer these same elements. There is no shortage of venue options, from elegant hotels to rustic ranches. No matter what time of year you want to tie the knot, Vail remains beautiful throughout the seasons. Here are a few of the top wedding venues to begin your search:

Vail Wedding Lodging Options

When it comes to destination weddings, one of the most important things to consider is where to stay. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, we have the best luxury Vail vacation home rentals that offer space and privacy, unlike any other lodging option. Our vacation rentals, run by experienced property managers, are a more luxurious, spacious, cost-effective alternative to hotels. We have one to five-bedroom properties to choose from, whether you want a private condo for the couple or a spacious home for the wedding party. 

  • Lodging for the Couple: Our Townsend Place A206 and A106 offer the perfect one-bedroom accommodations for you and your significant other. The remodeled condominium offers plenty of space to get ready and convenient amenities like toiletries and a community hot tub.
  • For the Wedding Party and Guests: Our luxury five-bedroom Vail vacation rentals can sleep 12 to 16 people. These expansive properties are fantastic for your wedding party or guests with large families. 349 Holden Rd. is truly an alpine palace that is the ideal place to entertain and gather for your wedding weekend. 254 Arrowhead is a fantastic option for summer weddings, with a large deck so everyone can enjoy the Colorado weather together!

Start Planning Your Vail Colorado Wedding Today!Vail Colorado wedding rental homes

With over 100 Vail Colorado wedding venues to choose from, it can be impossible to narrow down the options. We recommend contacting a Vail wedding planner to learn more about local venues. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, we offer a concierge to assist you with creating the perfect stay for your special day. Browse our luxury vacation rentals here and tie the knot in beautiful Vail!

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