Recently, we have switched to a new linen program. You will now notice new towels and sheets in your home.

In addition to being brand new, the towels are larger and softer, while the sheets are also a bit softer.

In effort to have the best quality control, all of the linen and towels are tagged with microchips. These tags will allow the linen company to better monitor them and offer a higher level of control over them throughout the year. As an example, they have the ability to remove items from circulation after a certain number of washes.

We appreciate any feedback from you while staying in your home.

There are two slight draw backs to this new program. For efficiency sake, the linen company is no longer providing fitted sheets, but rather flat sheets for both the bottom sheet and top sheet, as many companies in the hotel industry have been doing for a while. They also do not support king pillow cases, only standard pillow cases. If you have king sized pillows, please contact us to discuss moving to standard sized pillows. We will be notifying you as well.

We have already received many compliments from owners and guests, and we believe in the big picture this will be an positive improvement with our program and hopefully create an even better guest and owner experience.